Like A Square Peg In A Round Hole: someone who does not belong in a particular situation. This well known phrase is also in Beverley Knight's song Square Peg and that is why I have chosen it for my domain name!

I am Sarah and I'm in my 20's at the moment. I live in the UK with my parents. I like to meet people and make friends with all age groups which makes me quite approachable. I have many friends and I enjoy getting to know them at the various clubs I belong to.

I have mild Aspergers and I feel very fortunate that I have got a good life with people who will help me to beat/work around the problems AS causes for me. When referencing Aspergers I will mostly use AS because it is easier. I enjoy lots of activities including webdesign, sport, music and computer games. I think that I am quite geeky and up-to-date with technology and that is considered great in people with Autism.

Aspergers is a difficulty that affects the ability to have conversation face to face or on the phone. It is more common in boys but girls can get symptoms too. Some of these can be worked around with techniques. The guy who diagnosed the syndrome back in 1944 was Hans Asperger and he described sufferers as 'little geniuses' as they often spoke about their specialist subjects and sounded like they knew everything about it, which they did.

I would like to use this site as a reference for Aspies and their friends and families to understand what really goes on inside our minds as the lack of this understanding upsets me, and how we can all help raise awareness for Autism, but in particular Aspergers Syndrome. I hope to help in deciphering the diagnosis so that sufferers find it much less daunting wondering why they feel a certain way. Check out the blog that may raise some matters in an Aspie's world/life.

Please also check out the forum, join and post about any other LD's or problems as there may be something simple that you can try to help you. I have an account for this website at @likeasquarepeg on Twitter, but if you want to follow I'll have to accept you and that may take a few days so be patient. I hope this website brings all the loose ends together and that you have a happy and exciting life.