Want to hire me?

I am looking for a possible job in a small office in Portsmouth, UK. I would like to tell you a bit about my education and why I'd like help in finding a job suitable for me.

I got diagnosed in my early teens and I went through normal school and got GCSE's and at that stage I had my whole life ahead of me - I decided to go to college and I found a course I wanted which I did for two years - I came out with a BTEC National Certificate in Hardware and Networking at Double Merit. Since then I have had a few more specific courses, such as a touch typing course (gained Distinction in both exams) and also a few more relaxed courses in website design and databases, as well as photography. I managed to gain an award from Highbury for what I achieved in my photography classes.

Volunteering Prospects

I have volunteered for many charities and startups in my own time. However, I worry I am stuck in volunteering forever. I enjoy it but surely there are companies that would like my skills. Volunteering has helped me to work on aspects of what I find hard but also to make sure I dont lose the skills. I have a small list of volunteering placements on my CV and if people want to read that then I'd be happy to send a copy out.

Ideal Job

My ideal job would be to work in a small office, where they understand and know my capabilities. I'd feel more relaxed knowing that they can help me, and adjust to my needs in my role. When I have gained more confidence I will feel happier I can do more of the job. My strengths are in computing and I like to learn new software to aid me in what I am doing – I self taught myself how to make websites and have a few of my own. I would love a job where the employer is able to be patient with me, even down to interviews which I am totally scared of doing as my disability can make me confused on some chosen questions.

What makes it difficult to find a job match?

Asperger Syndrome is a communication disability. I may say the wrong thing in a job or not understand a complex task. Answering the phone is also not one of my strongest points, so a sales job is certainly not for me.

There seems to be a big LACK of understanding of my disability - this website aims to provide people with information on how it makes me who I am. I write about issues that AS people face and try make the outcomes positive. The right employer will need to be able to understand me and nurture my capabilities in an office environment. I would feel out of place in a shop job due to people coming up to me as I can sometimes get flustered if something out of the ordinary happens.

Benefits of having AS

I feel that my condition makes me employable to companies that seek someone with a keen eye for detail and would like a challenge. If needed I am willing to attend further training in helping the company to get the best out of me. I feel that would make the team work better together if they know I can do the task in hand! I love to work independently and people rely on me, where I volunteer, to do my tasks in a suitable time frame.

Having Asperger Syndrome means I am very proficient on a computer and I like to work in a methodical way which helps me to focus. I like written instruction for some tasks as I can make sure I don't make a mistake as I know it could cost a company money in some cases. I thrive on being able to use my skills and to maybe even become a technician for a department.

Above all mentioned I think I would be an asset to any company as I am friendly, honest and bright! I just need someone to believe in me enough to want to take me on – I struggle in an interview so it would be great if people could be patient whilst I come up with the answer they require.

I do look forward to hearing from anyone wishing to take me on. Even if it was part time for a few weeks to help me learn the role! It seems that the saying 'It's not what you know, It's who you know' may be key in to finding me the perfect opportunity for me to excel in. If you have a position that might fit my skills then please contact me by email on helpSarahfindajob@gmail(dot)com or contact me on Twitter @likeasquarepeg