The Only Way Is Footy (part 2)

After the first part of interesting stuff I did last year from January to June was posted I realised what a great first half of 2017 it was. I’m now going to share with you some of my favourite things of the second half July to December.

On 1st July I went to the John Hankey cup for the second time, but the Pompey side that attended didn’t have enough legends in so were out after a few games unfortunately. If only the gaffer had put me on!

A week later on 8th July I met Kenny Jackett, who is Pompey’s new boss after Paul Cook’s departure in earlier months. The match was a friendly v Hawks and Lee Bradbury’s men lost 6-0. Good job it was only a pre season I say! Up The Bradbury!

I hadn’t been on a camping trip for a while but the GlampingWedding on 15th July, was great fun and it was nice to meet up with my cousins from dads side. Down side is, I missed a Hawks game.

Over the wedding weekend, I had my wrist in a bit of a bandage as I’d sprained it whilst playing in goal for practice the day before. I had to do that practice for a little tournament on 19th July which we lost but we got fair play medals which was very cool.

It seems when I’m not playing football, I’m watching it. I drove with dad to Sidlesham on 23rd July to watch a Pompey legends game… They tried to trick me that Bradders wasn’t playing, so when I saw him I was so happy! Plus he scored a hat trick and I told him I was proud of him, as he played really well. He’s not lost it.

In August I made my start following Hayling United. The first league game of the season I saw them win 8-3, which made them top of the league. Another game I saw, they won 4-3.

I had a go at archery for the first in a while, and I happened to be the best out of all the girls. It may have been unfair as I’d done it several times in the past, but I was pleased at my progress.

Again another charity game, this time at Petersfield on 20th August. I took my dad for a bit of company. It was for Team Marlowe who is a very poorly baby. I did however meet Sean Davis and had a half time chat.

In September I had another visit to Flipout as they had built a new arena with some new cool things to jump off. It looks pretty cool now so I’m waiting for my next visit so I can jump like Mario and Luigi again!

I don’t just support ex Pompey pros in charity games. I’m actually running out of Pompey legends to meet to be honest. Some aren’t easy to meet to be honest. I thought I would go meet ex Southampton player Matt Le Tissier in Locks Heath on 15th September in the pouring rain, where actually it wasn’t too bad throughout the playing time.

One thing I really enjoyed was the sleepover in Gosport Submarine Museum on the 22nd September. Somewhere different to sleep for a night is always nice to try, so why not ring your local museum and arrange a sleepover!

The end of September was fairly quiet apart from a few other football games watching Baffins v AFC Portchester in the pouring rain (why do I pick em) in the evening with my mates Tony Male and Paul Miles. Then I went to see Portchester on the Saturday after at their ground, as I was invited over by the chairman Paul Kelly.

I’m going to skip to November because it was an awesome month, with it being my birthday!

On my actual birthday 9th November I met John Challis for the second time and it was a surprise to meet Tony Maudsley too. I had gone to Brighton (Komedia) with my parents to see Mr Challis do his one man show about his acting days.

When I thought all the excitement for charity football for 2017 had finished, there was a game on 26th November at Baffins. It was to open the new clubhouse that cost £100,000! The game was great and I was once again in my element chatting with the ex pros of Pompey.

December finally and that was an amazing one. For a start I was awarded a certificate for most improved communication at my football group. That’s gotta be worthy of a place on the CV surely?

The following week on Wednesday, I re-enacted the famous scene from the Vicar of Dibley by eating TWOChristmas dinners in a day. Now who could do that? Not me ever again!

Almost a week later on 18th December I managed to eat another, and I was sat next to Ray Crawford. How surreal was that?! It was a meal by Pompey In The Community bringing the different branches of the club together as one.

I couldn’t let 2017 finish without seeing Lee Bradbury at the hottest fixture for the Hawks of the year: Havant faced Bognor in the pouring rain. Sadly no goals were scored but what a game!

I ended up scoring 3 of my own on the 5 a side, a few days later, to make up for it…

Something tells me that 2018 is going to be amazing for me!

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The Only Way Is Footy (part 1)

So 2017 was quite an interesting one and I met a few people that I’d been excited to meet for months… also I had a few things that I thought would never happen. The year turned out to be quite exciting for me. I’d like to share with you in two parts what I enjoyed most! Some of these I have written posts about already but, wow I just need to share them again for a bit of a recap.

January and February were really quite quiet months for me and apart from watching the Hawks play and meet Lee Bradbury, I haven’t a whole lot to say.

I decided that I’d get rid of an old unit that I got when I moved out in 2013. (I since moved back home as I was getting a bit depressed about some things). I have now a brand new bookcase from IKEA and I’m delighted with it. That was a bit of a change for me as I don’t often like things changing at short notice. However it made me feel happy that now I could have a little more room to put my books and magazines.

When I started my journey into football with playing Mumball weekly since summer 2016, I found that I had a bit more energy. I’d already lost a stone before I started that, but going into Portsmouth every Monday night was putting a strain on my parents – they’d take me down because of the limited parking available and dodgy area to be in at that time of night. I made my mind up that I was going to finish that group and start at a different one with a better time of day and place. So at the end of February I joined Victory Hants, a social inclusion group for all with disabilities and mental issues. We all have a passion for playing the beautiful game. Since I started in February till the end of the year I scored 30 goals in total in games, two of which were in a tournament! I know that Mr Bradbury my football legend hero will be very pleased when I tell him!

In March I went to Flipout trampoline park for the very first time and wow it was extremely exhausting. I’d already played football that day so I had already had exercised, but I wasn’t prepared for the fun and high bounces that FO offers. Loved it and I hope that I get to go more as it’s a good workout for me.

Also in March I went to Whitehawk FC ground and saw Guy Butters play in a charity game with other ex Brighton players such as Kerry Mayo and Adam Hinshelwood. I won a prize at the raffle and I never win. Even with the rainy weather we had, it was a very enjoyable day. I enjoy going to grounds and watching the different charity games available and meeting many ex players.

April was such a cool month as you’re about to find out.

On 7th April I went to a meal at Portsmouth FC for Hall of Fame and met Vince Hilaire and, unexpectedly Alan Biley. It was a joy to meet them and Biley was really nice to chat to for what seemed like ages!

I managed to meet my favourite Icelandic ex Portsmouth FC player Hermann Hreidarsson on 17th April at AFC Porchester – took me 10 years. It was for the Pompey vs Glasgow Rangers part 2 (Lee Rigby). Hermann managed to stun us all and get 4 goals, leaving Svetoslav Todorov with not a single goal to his name. I hope that we can get them both for the next one and Toddy can show how he put us in the Premiership in 2003! I was a little star struck but it was great meeting them!

In May I bought a season ticket for Havant and Waterlooville FC 17-18 season, which means I can go knowing that the games are paid for. Let’s hope that Hawks can maybe either stay in the playoffs or maybe even win the league again! Up The Bradbury!

I also went to Corfu again – it was good to see our friend Nikos play in his band again and for me to take part in the Greek nights too. My favourite thing was walking along the waters edge with our shoes off coming back from town after lunch one afternoon.

We had to get home from Corfu in May because I had a special concert to enjoy in June.

First though on 5th June we went on a tour of Oriana so I could see what the bigger ships are like inside and had a nice lunch to finish.

The next day I went to see my very first Robbie Williams concert in Southampton FC’s ground.

A few weeks later I participated in my first football tournament at the Goals centre in Portsmouth, where upon the last mini game I scored twice in five minutes. It felt ace. Maybe I could become quite a legend of a player after all… but not to get too big headed eh?!

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Site Suffered Attack

Just a small post to say I will be back writing a post in just over a weeks time, but the news I want to tell you is that some time in the past 6 weeks after my birthday my site was hacked.

I lost control to my WordPress but I re-gained control through a back door to change a password and get back in. This is frustrating because this site means a lot to me and I publish all my stories about my experiences and fun times. So to find that a hacker had got in and changed my passwords etc was gutting.

I decided I would get some security as this is my most used site now. Which will cost a lot a month, so I have decided to shut one of my other sites down… but the good news is, that I’m going to put the two sites together. Eventually I may put the third into this too of some degree.

I have a passion for web development as some readers may know as I built this site myself. However I don’t think I’m going to have a chance in life to be my own boss as much as I’d hoped for. All the website creation packages out there are quicker for people and they rather not pay a designer for some inane reason… designers probably and do offer more bespoke work. The free or cheap option is killing the expensive bespoke webbies off!

In the new year I’ll hope to be working on a new section of this website for that reason, I’d like to still be available to do websites – but you can also learn a little about me in the process! See, I can show you how my AS actually makes me more technical in that way.

So it will take a bit of time and I just want to really show what I can do and such with my interest of making and designing sites.

Hope you all understand and see what will be coming to a screen near you!

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#BrightonWithBoycie (My Birthday Treat)

The Ninth of November was my birthday and since August I had been waiting for this day because I was going to see John Challis.

John Challis has been showing his one man show all around the country. Two years ago I had bought the first book that he had written about his life, for dad as a Christmas gift.

We had all met John when we met Jake Canuso up in Bradford, Christmas 2015, and I had gotten friends with John on Twitter in the time since so he was glad that I supported him. I used to be scared of his character in Only Fools And Horses, but he is such a nice fella to meet.

Just after lunch on my birthday we made our way to Brighton so we could go around the lanes and grab a drink to kill some time before eating our meal in Ask Italian. Some drunk but very pleasant drunk in the pub came over to say happy birthday to me.

We went around the shopping centre and the lanes. I bought a VR thing endorsed by the science museum in London, so I know it’ll be decent. I just need to find the software on my Android phone.

For food I had cannelloni with sausage mix inside and a warming sauce. Pudding was gnocchi with Nutella in and I dip them in the chocolate sauce … mmmm heaven!

We made our way to the venue (Komedia) for the evening and as we went indoors I heard a lady shout ‘Sarah!’ – course it was John Challis’s wife, Carol. They were sat together eating cake… as you do!

John said happy birthday to me, we hugged and had a photo together – and we chatted about stuff. He told us he was staying over with a Benidorm actor… Tony Maudsley.

It wasn’t long till we were let into the venue’s room that John was to be in for the night. There are a couple of rooms in the venue and we were downstairs in the cabaret room. It was quite a large room with lots of places to sit – we went to the front !

We managed to spot Tony a few tables away at the back and I was quite excited. I really wanted to go meet him and at half time I went to see Carol and check it was him. Apparently he didn’t want to be noticed too much.

At the end of the show John said that there was a special friend in the audience (meaning me) with a birthday and I went on the stage and said thanks and hugged him. Think that maybe helped Tony to see I’m not a threat! The whole room sung to me!

After the show I went up to see Tony and shook his hand and chat. I talked about Twitter and dad said about Benidorm and such. That was quite a surreal experience and I thank him for taking time to let me talk. We then queued to chat to John and Carol and thank him too for the excellent show and funny stories!

What a night! Was a very special evening and I’d like to thank my parents for being my chauffeur for the day!

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Night At The (Submarine) Museum

Last month I went and stayed at a museum overnight. Something I always wanted to do since the film series with Ben Stiller came out. I imagined that it would be quite spooky in a museum at night but it wasn’t too bad. No dinosaurs or men came alive thankfully !

Set up by The Submarine Museum in Gosport, the visit included a whole evening full of activities. One of the activities was a look in HMS Alliance, which is a massive submarine. There wasn’t a huge amount of space though inside as I’m told that it had just under 70 crew in total ! We also had a little nosey around the museum itself, plus found out detail of living conditions for a sailor on board. We finished up the evening with some craft and a film later on – no guesses to what that was to be !

The reason I went was because it was a trip for our Girl Guiding members and I’m glad I went as it was a long time since I was there last. I gained a sew on badge for my collection – I actually get more badges as an adult helper now, more than when I was a Girl Guide!

I know this post is a little late as I went at the back end of last month, but I want to thank all the rest of the leaders and museum staff that I spent my rather pleasant evening with. Especially Susan who arranged the trip in the first place. Of course I will too be mentioning this on my end of year write up, as it is one of my highlights of the year !

Totem pole in the museum

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