Music To My Ears

I have been having a busy few months doing lots of things but I didn't want to forget to post about my experience watching a certain male pop star live for the very first time!

I went to see Robbie Williams in Southampton in early June ! What a really great night it was… first we had the supporting act – Erasure – I didn't know much of their songs but there were a few that everyone did know. I liked the shiny suit the lead vocalist wore. It was also raining so we got a little damp, but I was about to see Robbie Williams so did I really worry about it being a bit wet?

We were really quite close to one end of the stage I shed a few tears cos I had been waiting for this moment since November when I booked the tickets! The whole stage setting was really amazing – I knew it would be as I know from TV concert broadcasts etc. In real life it was HUUUUUUUUUGE!

Robbie came on and I sung to every song… he even had his dad on with him and they sung a song together. The Boxing glove that was in the middle became part of the show when he did Love My Life – and that was one of my favourite parts in the show, as it's my favourite song off the latest album. I read that in another show the hand got stuck and he was left stranded on it!

The funniest part was when he had a lady on stage to sing 'Somethin' Stupid' and he had one of them masks that makes you look like a character and not a human with the mouth bit that moves. I was really glad he did songs from all times of his career so far – he even did Freedom to tribute George Michael's career – Robbie had actually done his own cover after leaving Take That.

Robbie was impressed we all knew old songs that weren't even his when he tested to see if we knew words (RW/music fans are of any age so it's not surprising that we knew lots !).

At the end of the show, I cried and cried because it was so so so so so good and I couldn't believe that I'd finally had the time of my life! My dream to see Robbie Williams live had finally happened!

Thank you to my parents that had to be chauffeur (dad) and concert buddy (mum)….
A great big thank you to Mr Robbie Williams and his crew for making such a fantastic evening and I hope that he's well on the mend with his back now.

I still have yet to meet the man – Maybe …… someday!

Music and loud noise can be a scary thing for Autistics. However because it was something I was enjoying and I knew the music well, then I had no problems. It would have been a big shame if I'd had to wear ear defenders on my very special evening at such a local(ish) venue. Robbie doesn't come to the south coast much now he's uuuuuuuber famous, but maybe after the evening that he had with us all he might be back! Let's hope so, eh? #WeWantRW

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