Site Suffered Attack

Just a small post to say I will be back writing a post in just over a weeks time, but the news I want to tell you is that some time in the past 6 weeks after my birthday my site was hacked.

I lost control to my WordPress but I re-gained control through a back door to change a password and get back in. This is frustrating because this site means a lot to me and I publish all my stories about my experiences and fun times. So to find that a hacker had got in and changed my passwords etc was gutting.

I decided I would get some security as this is my most used site now. Which will cost a lot a month, so I have decided to shut one of my other sites down… but the good news is, that I’m going to put the two sites together. Eventually I may put the third into this too of some degree.

I have a passion for web development as some readers may know as I built this site myself. However I don’t think I’m going to have a chance in life to be my own boss as much as I’d hoped for. All the website creation packages out there are quicker for people and they rather not pay a designer for some inane reason… designers probably and do offer more bespoke work. The free or cheap option is killing the expensive bespoke webbies off!

In the new year I’ll hope to be working on a new section of this website for that reason, I’d like to still be available to do websites – but you can also learn a little about me in the process! See, I can show you how my AS actually makes me more technical in that way.

So it will take a bit of time and I just want to really show what I can do and such with my interest of making and designing sites.

Hope you all understand and see what will be coming to a screen near you!

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