Like A Square Peg In A Round Hole: someone who does not belong in a particular situation. This well known phrase is also in Beverley Knight’s song Square Peg and that is why I have chosen it for my domain name!

I would like to use this site as a reference for Aspies and their friends and families to understand what really goes on inside our minds and how we can all help raise awareness for Autism, but in particular Aspergers Syndrome.

Aspergers is a difficulty that affects the ability to have conversation face to face or on the phone. It is more common in boys but girls can get symptoms too. Some of these can be worked around with techniques.

I am getting upset at the lack of understanding of Autism and Aspergers and I want to do something to help! So with your help, I hope to make that a success. How we do that is up to all of you to give me ideas.

I love using social networks and Twitter is a great tool. I have an account for this website at @likeasquarepeg but if you want to follow I’ll have to accept you and that may take a few days so be patient.

I am going to use this blog to show you what I get up to and what I have problems with etc….

So read on and enjoy!