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#BrightonWithBoycie (My Birthday Treat)

The Ninth of November was my birthday and since August I had been waiting for this day because I was going to see John Challis. John Challis has been showing his one man show all around the country. Two years ago I had bought the first book that he had written about his life, for […]

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Celebrity Obsessions

My life through time has included the more celebrity person orientated obsessional side being outed, as that is a major point in an Aspergian’s life. I wish to tell you how these have affected me. Firstly the more little of obsessions were over the likes of Anthea Turner, but some didn’t always last that long […]

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Autism In The Media

I have recently finished watching Autism drama ‘The A Word’ and I thought it was well done and the child actor portrayed the disability fairly well. The character of ‘Joe’ was more complex in the needs that had to be catered for compared to me – he was very mute at times and didn’t seem […]

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This May Be A Messy Post

I’m a little unsure how to put this but I have a liking of a certain slapstick stuff that used to be used on telly a lot… Yes I like Gunge! (Or in the USA it’s called slime) Basically this post I want to tell you about how I got over my phobia of getting […]

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Dave Gorman Comes To Town

I am a great lover of comedy but I don’t go out to see much live comedy as I don’t always know when and where people are. So imagine how happy I was when I got an email from Dave Gorman’s mailing list to say there was to be a gig in Fareham at the […]

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