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Site Suffered Attack

Just a small post to say I will be back writing a post in just over a weeks time, but the news I want to tell you is that some time in the past 6 weeks after my birthday my site was hacked. I lost control to my WordPress but I re-gained control through a […]

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A Greek Deja View

Ok, that title suggests something… yup we were in Greece two years ago in May, same time (ish) and certainly the same place ! Plus the views were still incredibly amazing – and we didn’t have too many ‘off’ days either. However we got woken up at 7:30 one morning to an awesomely loud thunderstorm! […]

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Sport Inclusion For The Disabled

I think that exercise is important – probably more important for the disabled community because they need to keep their joints healthy, and moving is good for you. I have had years when I’ve done none at all since my compulsory education finished, and I started getting fat. Physical Education was probably my least favourite […]

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Ambitious Blogging

A little while ago I was told about a website that needed people to write for their blog so I set about writing an email to cover what they wanted to know. I was unsure if I’d get a look in as I’m young and not had a huge amount of experience of life yet […]

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Dave Gorman Comes To Town

I am a great lover of comedy but I don’t go out to see much live comedy as I don’t always know when and where people are. So imagine how happy I was when I got an email from Dave Gorman’s mailing list to say there was to be a gig in Fareham at the […]

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