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Disabled Twitter Users Petition

How many of you use a social networking site? I do. I’m getting very annoyed at the amount of nasty posting towards disabled people especially. Many of the community members of social networks are ok but there’s always a few people that have to spoil it for others. Disabled social media users are more likely […]

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Dave Gorman Comes To Town

I am a great lover of comedy but I don’t go out to see much live comedy as I don’t always know when and where people are. So imagine how happy I was when I got an email from Dave Gorman’s mailing list to say there was to be a gig in Fareham at the […]

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A Rather Eventful 2015 !

This year has been quite eventful and some of it hasn’t been so nice but wow, things have happened that I could never imagine !! At the start of the year I was rather sad to find a friend had passed last year, who we knew, that worked in Spain as a restaurant owner. This […]

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The Wait Is Over – I Met JC… and JC too!

It all started about five years back when I managed to get a follow of a rather gorgeous fellow….. Earlier this year (spring) we booked for panto in Bradford all because I had a dream: a dream to meet Jake Canuso! The morning of the 16th of December (the day I had been waiting for […]

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Meeting A Kids TV Legend

So, cast your mind back to the 90’s when I was a little innocent girl… We had Playdays which I watched quite a lot. But further on there was another program that caught my attention ‘Get Your Own Back’ – it had games, gunge and a great host that is now regarded as quite a […]

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